SocTok is very helpful for people/companies interested in learning everything in the social media realm. They cater to your level of experience, breaking down to the basics or jumping into the finer details. SocTok meets at your office, creating a hands-on experience – The team works with you on your pages and sites directly, not over the phone but in person making improvements and changes as you learn.”

—Barbara Malone, Co-Owner, Sorrento Hotel and Kerri Benecke, Sorrento Hotel

SocTok is already a trusted source for social media consulting and training among our clients.

We manage the social media presence for some of the leading restaurants, hotels and nonprofits in the Northwest, and have staged several successful workshops and one-on-one consultations.

Whether you work with cars or care services, our team helps you efficiently manage and grow your social media accounts – which is the first step to using social technology to grow your business.

SocTok is run by that rare breed of social geek that you will soon find you can’t live without.

Our team boasts decades of combined experience in real-world customer service, business management and activism. We were running companies, nurturing client relationships and serving the community long before LinkedIn and Facebook were around. Then we got hooked.

Now we are experts and evangelizers on the increasing ways social media makes our professional and personal activities richer – and even easier.

A little bit about ourselves, as best as static copy can capture us. To get a sense of our personalities in real time, follow the links to our personal social media profiles.

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+1 425 454 0727

Mission Statement

Through customized consulting and training services, SocTok helps you leverage the full benefits of evolving social and mobile media.


“The training sessions were thorough and clear, and easy implement.”

—Puneet Aulakh, DDS, Bannerwood Cosmetic & Family Dentistry