SocTok is a social media training and consulting company located in Bellevue, Washington near Seattle. Our social networking experts help businesses and nonprofits extend existing branding online and improve their social media marketing strategy in order to get more followers and, eventually, more customers. We can manage social media accounts your businesses or organization and train your staff how to maintain and grow social networks. SocTok workshops answer all your social media networking questions, including why social media works, how to use Twitter, how to sign on to Facebook, how to make a Facebook page for your business, how to get Twitter followers and why it matters to keep your business on Facebook or other social media websites like Linked-In or YouTube. Whether you are just starting a business or looking for ways to grow your business network, contact us to learn more about social media and how to build an online social network. SocTok is the trusted, connected and savvy source for all your “social media how to” needs.